Sometimes, all a gal needs is a new pair of heels...

Hello fellow fashionistas! 

Do you ever look in your closet and find yourself stumped on what to wear?! Well, we didn't really have to ask the question to know the answer...of course the answer is YES! 

How is it possible that with everything we have in our closets...from shorts to dresses, skinny jeans to palazzo pants, we find ourselves short of an outfit or two. Well, it's because our moods change, plans change, and we crave something new! 

It's no lie that we feel our best in something new.

Going out of town? Time to shop! Graduation party? Time to shop! Wedding to attend? Time to shop! We're the first to admit shopping for something new motivates and excites us for that special occasion. 

Finding something new, trendy and HOT makes us feel good about ourselves. After all, when we look good we feel good! But just because you're craving something new doesn't mean you need to go beyond your means to satisfy your thirst for fashion. Sometimes, all a gal needs is a new pair of heels. Maybe a new necklace to vamp up her day old dress. Maybe a new blouse to pair with her go-to jeans. 

I guess what we're trying to say is, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with a fashion treat here and again. Sometimes the little things are the big things. And those things brighten our day. 

Being practical in the fashion world is sometimes hard. But you can do it! 

Lots of Love,

The gals at Classic Trendz Boutique 



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