The 3 Truths About Booties

Well, if you have passion for fashion you know how important booties are to have in your closet. Booties are the trend that we are absolutely head over heels for! You can literally transform any outfit from basic/average/boring to flattering/dressy/trendy in a matter of seconds! 


Truth #1- Booties are not a one season item. 

Booties are a year round boot that are perfect for Fall, ideal for Winter and easy to transition into Spring. Not sure about wearing them in the Summer? Think again! Pair with a cute floral sundress or cut-off shorts and you have the perfect festival inspired outfit! 


Truth #2- Booties are perfect for adding height & length.

Are you always pondering what it'd be like to be the tall girl? Always discouraged trying to pull things off "only tall girls can wear"? Do you shy away from the beloved cropped skinny jeans for fear of losing length and making your legs seem shorter and should i say stubby? Well, this is a big reason we absolutely love booties with a higher heel. Creating length and longer legs is a huge appeal that booties can offer. 

Wearing booties with cropped skinny jeans is probably our all-time favorite look right now! Pair with the right top and you will be turning heads with out a question! 

Truth #3 - Booties and skinny jeans are for any age! 

It breaks our hearts when we hear women say "I'm too old for that" or "No way can I pull that off"! The truth is that there's no age discrimination with this trend! And you can pull it off! You just need to step out of your comfort zone and try it on! Trust us...we sometimes have to take our OWN advice and just do it. It's a challenge to step out of our box when it comes to fashion. But that's why we are here! To help you! And you inspire us to try new things as well! 

We stumbled across a beautiful blog about a woman in her 50's wearing current day trends appropriately and we are going to share this blog with you very soon! You may just get extra inspiration! Basically, no matter what age you are there's always a fine line between classy and should we say, too much? It's all about dressing appropriate to your body type, style and personality. 

Stay tuned for more! Enjoy your day & thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,

The gals at Trendz Clothing Co. 



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