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Enjoy this Weeks Summer Favorites! 

 Posted by Kassie Hansen on June 28, 2016


We hope you're enjoying your Summer as much as we are! We cannot believe it's almost 4th of July weekend already! Where has the time gone?!

Since, we're officially in the midst of this hot, sunny, and warm Season it's time for us to share some of our favorite fashion pieces with you! We have handpicked a few of this weeks Summer Favorites just for you! 

Favorite #1 - Breathe Easy Tan Floppy Hat! This hat is a grab and go accessory! We absolutely adore this hat because the versatility and trendy appeal. You can turn your outfit from an 8 to 10 with one easy accessory fix! Plus, with the sun in full force, this hat is perfect for protecting that beautiful face of yours! 

Tan Floppy Hat ($34)

Favorite #2 - Pretty in Pink Tank Top! This tank top by Blu Pepper is definitely a favorite this week! It goes wonderful with any Summer bottoms and is the perfect shade of pink to wear during these Summer days! It's flattering and light, making it ideal for hot days! 

Favorite #3 - Buttoned Up White Shorts! Talk about a customer favorite! Every girl needs a pair of white shorts! Not only do white shorts match with nearly everything, but they show off that sunkissed skin! Pssst...plus it makes you look tanner than you may actually be! Yes! So, these are obviously a Summer favorite! 


What do you think about our favorites this week!? Comment below and let us know what YOUR favorite piece is! If you're anything like us, you may not be able to choose just one favorite! 

Thank for reading fellow fashionistas and we will talk to you soon! 

Lots of Love! 

The Gals at Classic Trendz Boutique! XO

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