New Fashions Weekly!

There's something special and uplifting about finding a new treasure to take home. Why do we feel our best in something new? Something trendy? Something to make a statement? It's a question we always ask & laugh about...but it's beyond true...we love new EVERYTHING! 

We know something new can make us smile, feel at ease with a last minute event or occasion and make us feel like a million bucks...that's why it's important for us to have new arrivals every week for you to choose from! We love knowing you can come in and find exactly what you're looking for...or possibly something completely unexpected, but perfect.

Our brick & mortar boutique is packed with great fashions and we are working daily on growing our website so you can shop just as easily as our local customers. Our goal is to provide you with a large selection, constant new arrivals and the best of best customer service. So, we are asking for your patience and loyalty while we grow our online store for all of you! We are so beyond excited to be your boutique you shop for new fashions.

Lots of Love!


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