My Drink Bomb 6 Pack

My Drink Bomb 6 Pack

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This is the best seller!!! Try a sampler of our 6 pack Drink Bomb Mix. Champagne Bomb, Vodka Bomb, Tequila Bomb, Gin lovers! 

Available Packs 

  • Mix 6: Margarita Bomb, Cosmo Bomb, Prosecco Rose Bomb, Pina Colada Bomb, Bellini Blush Bomb, Hangover Bomb  
  • Champagne Mix:  Bellini Blush Bomb, Champagne Bomb, Prosecco Rose Bomb, Mimosa Bomb, Passion Fruit Bomb, Hangover Bomb
  • Tequila Mix: Margarita Bomb, Strawberry Margarita Bomb, Mango Margarita Bomb, Spicy Margarita Bomb, Hibiscus Bomb, Hangover Bomb
  • Vodka Mix: Cosmo Bomb, Lychee Martini Bomb, Sour Apple Martini Bomb, Limoncello Bomb, Hangover Bomb
  • Hangover 6 Pack Drink Bomb

How to Use Drink Bombs:

  • Add to sparkling water.
  • Add your favorite alcohol.
  • Add ice, shake or blend.
  • Garnish. Cheers!

Made in the US

Only 30 calories

Each bomb makes 1-2 drinks depending on how sweet you like it!